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yros is well known for its natural beauty as well as for the many activities both for locals and visitors. The natural landscape of the island combines sea and mountain, making it perfect for any kind of activity. The activities of syros are a natural source of attraction for tourists who like adventure. The water sports of syros are scuba diving, windsurfing and boat tours. The land of syros is perfect for horse riding and hiking. Hotel alexandra always offers the best service for its guests and for an additional charge it can also offer massage, horse riding, scuba diving and boat tours after consulting with us.

Industrial museum

The industrial museum of hermoupolis, in which one can admire a collection of old machinery and tools, has more than 300 items. It is a unique collection for the greek standards, with tannery, engineering, textile, typography, shipbuilding, donut making, food packaging equipment and more, which comes from the factories of hermopolis.

Town hall of hermoupolis

The town hall of Hermoupolis on Miaoulis square is considered the jewel of the town and it is not by luck that it has been characterised as “work of art” by ministerial decision. This majestic building which has 3 floors from the front side and 2 from the back side due to the nature of the landscape,was built in 1876 uden the surveillance of Ernesto ziller and is inspired by 3 different orders: tuscanic, ionic and corinthian.

Public library

The public library of hermoupolis is under the cultural center, a beautiful neoclassical building of the 19th century (1863-1865). The library became official in 1926 and started off with a core of 2000 books from the collections of highschool (1835) and especially the library of Jacob Rota, beloved friend of Korais, bishop of the cyclades Anthimos Komninos (1842) and many more.

Apollon theatre

Apollon theatre is a building deeply connected with the history of syros and its civilisation. Since the establishment of Hermoupolis, there was a need for a theatre which would host many events and troupes who would visit the island. The initiative for building it was taken by Michael salvagos.

The quarantine

The quarantine is an abandoned stone building complex, located in the southern part of the harbor, in the area of lazareta. It was built in 1834 by weilers plans and it was initially used as an area where travelers who would reach the island stayed in quarantine so that the locals were protected from cholera and other infectious diseases.

Spiritual center

Hermoupolis’s spiritual center is included in the city’s sites and is a neoclassical building worth visiting for both its outside appearance as well as its inside.

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