Our Team

Sigalas N. Antonios

The Old Man (Dad)

Antonis is the owner and the maker of the hotel. Nowadays he is the observer!

Tsaxiridou Sig. Aikaterini

The Boss (Mam)

Katerina is just everything like all mams. She is the one who keeps all finance but at the same time, you can see her cleaning a room.

Sigalas A. Nikolaos

The continuer (Son)

Nikos is the man you will find in Front Desk all the time and the one who help you find out all the services of the Hotel but also all the necessary information about Syros.

Sigala Alexandra


Alexandra is Pastry Chef of the Hotel and you will find out how important is when you taste the breakfast or a dessert.

Romanou Evangelia

The housekeeper (Cousin)

Vangelitsa is the main housekeeper and responsible for the decontamination of hotel rooms.

Blamis Ilias

The Beach Boy (Cousin)

Ilias is the waiter, willing to serve you in the beach facilities as you rest under the sun next to the Aegean Sea.

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